Dental Veneers: Smile with Confidence!

Damaged teeth reduce the beauty and appeal of any smile. Even the slight damage to the appearance of the teeth can negatively affect the entire appearance of a person, especially when the mouth is open or when that person is smiling. It results in a decrease in a person’s self-confidence because no one with an imperfect smile will be proud to show what the teeth look like. The appearance of a smile has a significant impact on personal and professional interactions. It is, therefore, essential to take steps to Cosmetic Dentistry Adelaide Website to improve this aspect of the smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are designed to enhance the appearance of a smile by solving dental problems that affect the attractiveness of teeth, lips and gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry Adelaide WebsiteOne of these procedures is the use of dental veneers. Through the years, dentists and scientists have perfected the technology resulting in much more natural-looking veneers that are affixed to the front of the teeth, giving them a new “facade”. Dental veneers are fragile, porcelain shells, which can be modified to match the appearance of the rest of the teeth. After the placement of the veneers, they can remain undetected as the smile seems very natural.

Veneers are designed to be placed on the front of damaged teeth to improve the appearance of these affected teeth. Significantly improving the appearance of a smile can bring positive results not just on the outside appearance of a person but a renewed confidence to a person who may have been previously insecure by the presence of unattractive teeth. Some of the problems that can be solved with dental veneer treatment include:

Broken or Damaged Teeth

Problems with chipped, broken or cracked teeth are addressed by the use of veneers covering the damaged part. It serves to replace unsightly teeth with more natural-looking teeth.

Stained Teeth

Tooth stains are usually eliminated with teeth whitening treatments. However, when stains are persistent, and bleaching treatments fail to remove them, a veneer treatment can be used to improve the appearance of yellowing or discoloured teeth. Porcelain veneers are attached to the visible part of the teeth to enhance the appearance of the smile, making it look healthier and brighter.

Crooked Teeth

Problems with minor crooked teeth are improved with veneers. It gives the impression that teeth are more aligned. Veneers can also be used to fill small spaces between teeth. Overall, they make the smile more even and more complete.

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