3 Things You MUST Check After Getting Your Car Serviced at the Local Land Rover Service Centre

People like to assume that everything in life is hunky-dory, and nothing can go wrong. Having this mentality isn’t wrong by any means. But it’s undoubtedly misleading since a lot of things can go wrong right away – especially if we didn’t do anything to prevent it. Take car maintenance, for example. While there are a lot of reliable Land Rover service Adelaide centres out there, you should also acknowledge that there are also others that tend to provide lousy services. You won’t know this until it’s too late. But you can determine this if you know the way to do it. Next time you take your car in for service, here’s a list of things that you should check to avoid getting deceived.

Land Rover Service Adelaide1.) Work Order/Job Sheet

It’s standard practice for any service firm to prepare a job sheet. Regardless of the station to which you take your car for service, a job sheet is essential. It’s a way of communicating a service advisor and the mechanic. When giving your car for service, you can identify specific faults that need to be taken care of. Make sure you check the car and sheet to ensure everything has been tended to and the said repairs and maintenance has been done.

2.) Itemized Bills

An itemised bill should be prepared after you collect your car from the Land Rover service Adelaide centre. Make sure you check that it reflects the price of the item, as was primarily quoted to you by the service advisor. Check and see in case of engine oil top-up; you’re not being charged for replacement. Machine or human error isn’t a rare case, after all. It’s always better to be vigilant with everything to avoid any unwanted mistakes.



3.) Engine and Transmission Oil

The engine is the heart and soul of your car. For it to function correctly, it will need an engine oil change and filter change. The same goes for the transmission. However, it doesn’t have a filter. Depending on when you’re getting the engine oil changed, you must observe the colour before and after the change. New oil should be clean and lighter in colour.

Make sure you’ve hired the best Land Rover service Adelaide centre by following these post-servicing tips. Find other relevant tips when you visit our blog page.