What to Know About Bale Netting

Haymaking is normal when it comes to livestock feeds preservation. By ensuring that you have enough hay bales, you can be sure that your cattle or sheep will have enough feeds in the next season no matter the prevailing weather conditions. Every farmer knows the importance of making hay and preserving forages in general. It is the only way to ensure that you have a smooth production curve. Those farmers who ignore feeds preservation will end up suffering huge losses when drought strikes, and they are caught up unaware. Some end up losing the entire flock while others are forced to sell part of the herd when they cannot afford to purchase feeds.

The easiest way to preserve feeds is making hay. You can make hay using the natural grass, and other hay crops like wheat stalk remain. Regardless of the crops you use, the process is just the same. What you should know is that the traditional way of making hay is no longer efficient and so you need to use the modern methods. Net wrapping is the modern way of preserving fodder. But how does it work? Well, read more to understand.

When it comes to making hay, there are several things you need besides the crop itself. First, you need to buy a quality net wrap and baling twine. The baling twine is used to bind together the baled content which makes it easy to wrap. The use of balers twine also prevents loss of feeds as you pack the bales.

On the other hand, the net wrap is used to wrap the bales. The bales can either be square or round. The round bales are better as they are easy to cover and handle. You might be wondering why you have to use the net wrap. Well, the net wrap comes with unique features which makes it possible to leave the hay bales on the farm without compromising the quality of feeds. For example, the water shedding features ensure that there is no rotting. UV stability, on the other hand, keeps the feeds safe from weather damage. Finally, the net wrap is strong, and this allows easy handling while wrapping.

The other most important thing you need when making hay bales is the net wrapper. It is a machine used to wrap the hay bales. If you are not a large-scale farmer, it is not economically viable to buy a wrapper machine for the bales. The best thing is hiring the wrapper. Other farmers have these wrappers and can hire them out whenever you need one. However, ensure that you are getting a wrapper that can work well with the type of net wrap you have. Always check the manufacturers’ instructions before leasing a wrapping machine.