Why You Should Use Unipak Net Wrap For Storing Hay

In the round bale production line, every farm owner or feed producer knows there are two options to choose from: traditional baler twine, or net wrap. Your choice will depend entirely on what you think is more convenient for you. However, looking at both of these products, there’s not deny that the net wrap offers more benefits than the twine. When it comes to the best brand, nothing beats Unipak. Let’s examine its benefits and why it stands out as the better baling option.


1.) Faster & More Efficient Baling


The most well-known benefit of using the Unipak net wrap is its efficiency and speed. It only takes two and a half turns to wrap an entire round bale.  When you use net covers, you can significantly create more output compared to when you use the traditional twine. When the baling process is faster, you can potentially cut the operations short and have more time to do other important things. That means using net wrap also translates to saving money on labour costs and tractor fuel.



2.) Improves Productivity


As was mentioned, using the Unipak net wrap will make the baling process faster. The speed of you being able to finish your baling work will naturally lead to a boost in your productivity. Farmers have been looking for a solution to speed their work, and net wrapping is the exact answer to their problem.


3.) Reduces Baling Wastage


Baling losses is a pretty common occurrence in the farming industry. Every farmer fully understands the downsides of their work. Fortunately, using a net wrap will lessen these losses to a minimum. It ensures efficient wrapping, which means you will be able to wrap your bales fully, guaranteeing minor possibilities of wastage.


4.) Reduce Outdoor Storage Losses


In line with the Unipak net wrap reducing the amount of baling losses, it also helps reduce the losses of outdoor storage. The biggest challenge for most farmers is spoilage, especially when they have to store their hay outside. Using net wraps solves that problems since the product features a natural water-resistance and shedding capability. That means you can leave your feed outdoors and still be able to preserve its freshness without the worry of spoilage.


Always Choose the Unipak Net Wrap


When you’re having trouble deciding which is the better option, keep in mind that net wrap has more benefits to offer compared to the traditional twine. When it comes to choosing what brand you should purchase, look for none other than Unipak. Buy now!