What Is a Quarter Zip Hoodie?

ORTC quarter zip sweatshirts are a great solution for chilly evenings. Originally designed as an outdoor wardrobe essential, these shirts are becoming more popular in the colder months due to their versatility and practicality. Made in the US from a cotton/poly blend, quarter zip sweatshirts feature a flattering cut and a wide range of sleeve lengths, making them appropriate for just about any occasion. Typically available in a classic 100% cotton option, they also come in an all-season standard. These sweatshirts are great because they can be worn casually or formally, but they’re great for more informal styles as well.

ORTC-quarter-zipThe all-season standard is available in many different sizes and sleeve lengths, making it suitable for women and men. Along with being casual, many of the options offered include long, tapered sleeves, short sleeves, and hooded options, allowing you to match your clothing choice with your style easily. Many women prefer the classic option that includes the standard quarter zip sweatshirt with a removable hoodie, allowing them to update their wardrobe with a new outfit easily. Hooded options are often preferred over the standard length to keep those pesky hands out of their face, but if you’re worried about getting your hair wet, you can opt for a style that doesn’t feature a hood.

Women’s ORTC quarter zip sweatshirts are usually available in two different types of design and fabric: full zip and partial zip. Full-zip sweatshirts feature the zipper located in the centre front of the shirt, while partial zip styles include those with the zipper on the left or right side. While most people tend to think that full zipper designs offer the most protection, the truth is that the centre front is the best place for most zippers since it’s easier to use and doesn’t fall as easily as the other areas. Although it does take more work to open and close full zip sweatshirts, most report that they are more durable and comfortable than the partial option.

Full-zip sweatshirts offer more protection than partial zip sweatshirts because it offers more bang for your buck. However, the price may deter some women since it can be more expensive than the standard option, but they still offer a high-quality product that will last for years to come. Partial zip sweatshirts offer less protection and can be fairly easy to rip apart, but they are more affordable options that are comfortable for daily wear. Both styles can be easily altered to fit your taste and can be found in various styles and colours to meet any style preference. Since women generally want their clothes to match every day, you’ll find that you can easily find a style that will go with your basic work attire or your fancy dress party.

ORTC quarter zip hoodies are just another example of the many different styles and patterns of sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets available today. Since there is such a large market for stylish apparel, a large percentage of women’s clothing has at least some print. Screen printing offers the benefit of being very durable, long-lasting, and unique. Unlike screen printed clothes which fade, stain, and shrink, screen printing garments retain their appearance and colour for years to come. Women’s quarter-zip hoodies are a popular choice in today’s fashion world and look great on just about any woman.

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