Stuff to Know When Choosing a Manufacturer or Supplier of Starting Gates

Starting GatesA starting gate refers to a machine or mechanical barrier used to ensure a fair start in a typical horse race. If you are tasked to find a manufacturer or supplier of a starting gate, then it is fair to say you already have some idea as to what you are searching. Well, the fact that you are reading this post suggests that you still need more information before you can start your search.

Horse racing in Australia is a lucrative industry. Those who venture in the business must be on top of their game to topple competition. One of the ways to ensure that profit continuously flows is to keep the facilities in tiptop condition. It means you must guarantee that the starting gates you use are made of high-quality material and with premium construction.

When you are looking for prospective manufacturers and suppliers, one of the first things you must investigate is reputation. Is the company a recognisable name in the industry of starting gates? Are their gates used by prominent racing clubs in Australia and other countries? It is not that you should not consider upstart companies. The reason why it makes sense to go with an established manufacturer is that it only means their starting gates are proven to be reliable since other racing tracks and clubs already depend on them.

If possible, grab the chance to talk to those who are close to the action since they are the ones who can tell you first-hand which starting stalls offer reliability. The people we’re talking about are the jockeys and handlers of the horses. Although you think of them as competitive individuals, they still value safety on top of everything else. Hence, they know for a fact how important it is to have durable and reliable starting gates in the racetrack. If you want raw and unbiased feedback before you choose a supplier, go ahead and ask them.

We encourage that you research the kind of quality control the starting gates go through in the manufacturing process. For example, some of the most sophisticated ones go through independent testing and research to ensure the best quality possible. With independent testing, opinion from other industry experts allows changes and innovation that lead to better products, usually highlighted by added durability and effectiveness regarding absorbing impact. Know that horses are strong creatures, which means they can produce a brute force that can quickly break low-quality starting gates.

Finally, it is best to look for a starting gate equipped with safety padding. In doing so, you ensure that there are minimum starting stall injuries, less scratching at the racing barriers, while horses are calm and quiet. Of course, do not forget the emergency exits, too!