How Much Do Upholstered Bedheads Cost in Adelaide?

How much does a high-quality upholstered bedhead cost? How much does it cost to achieve this degree of comfort and convenience for your bed? These questions are what consumers tend to ask room designers. Today, we’re going to give you six essential factors designers will ask you to consider before they can determine how much your custom upholstered bedhead will cost. Bedheads cost in Adelaide hasn’t changed in a while since the price for materials hasn’t inflated just yet. However, the final price will depend on the quality, finish, and sophistication of your bedhead. So, continue reading to find out the three important factors that will determine the price of your specific bedhead.


Your Mattress and Box Spring Width and Height

The first consideration that will highly impact your cost is about the height and width of your mattress and box springs. If want to buy a new mattress and box springs, please inform your designer about it. There are different options when it comes to mattress height and width in today’s trend. With an upholstered bedhead, the overall height of your mattress together with your box springs are two of the most critical dimensions to get right.


Mattress and Box Spring Surround Style

The next on the list of considerations when determining bedheads cost in Adelaide is the surrounding style of your mattress and box springs. Will your mattress and box springs sit on top of a metal frame and covered with a bedspread? This example is pretty less expensive than having accustomed surround made to coordinate with your upholstered bedhead. But there are other options available to you. Click here for other options. Keep in mind that whatever you choose will also factor into the final price of your bedhead.


Wall Height

Another consideration is the height of your wall. Do you have eight or nine-feet tall walls or even higher? If you have a grand-scale room, along with extremely high ceilings, an upholstered bedhead with a hand-carved wood surround might be a great option for you. This type of bedhead if made of quality upholstered leather along with premium timber for the carved wood edges. The best part is that it’s not as expensive as what you would assume.


These are just three of the important factors that you need to consider when determining the price of your bedhead. Different other considerations will determine bedheads cost in Adelaide. For more information, click here.