What do I need to know about gas heaters?

A gas heater is a heating machine that uses natural gas, butane, propane and sometimes liquefied petroleum gas. If you need to buy a home gas heater, then it is essential to acquire one that has been approved by the Asthma and Respiratory foundation.  With the press of a button, your home becomes warm in no time.

When it comes to buying the perfect heater for your home, there are many factors that most people overlook. It then leads to common mistakes that you can avoid easily.

Essential Factors to Consider when Buying a Gas Heater

Choose the right fuel type

Any gas heater is specially made to operate with a kind of gas. Mixing them up may cause problems and reduce the lifespan of your gas heater. Therefore, when buying a gas heater, make sure you buy the one that is made of the fuel you have at home or is readily available for you.

Choose the right type of heater

There are many different types of gas heaters. Broadly, they are either portable or flued. Further sub-groups include the radiant, convectors, radiant-convectors, and wall heaters. With these many options, you need to select the heater that best suits your home, pocket and space needs.

Choose the right size of the gas heater

Once you have selected the type of gas heater you want, then it is time to choose the size in which you want it to have. If you buy a heater that is too small, it will fail to heat up your rooms adequately. On the other hand, if you buy a gas heater that is too large, you will end up spending a lot of money. Additionally, oversizing can be unsafe.

Avoid paying too much for your heater

In Southern Australia, most homeowners obtain heaters from retailers. Without comparison shopping, it is effortless for you to pay very high prices, for a heater that you can easily purchase at a much lower price. With the costs of the gas heaters readily available online, you can easily compare prices to get yourself a great deal.


Other than all the above factors, it is crucial to clean your gas heater. This way, you remove the deposits that may be on the flues. Cleaning your gas heater is cost-effective. The gas heater uses less fuel to dissipate the same amount of heat. Also, when cleaning your gas heater, make sure to turn it off first. Then, dust off the surface with a clean cloth. After that, you can use a can of compressed air or a blower to blow air through the ports. Lastly, choose an authorised gas filter for your heater.

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