Gutter Guards – The Protection You Need

As they’re sometimes called, gutter guards, or no-gutter protection systems, have been in the news a lot recently. Their popularity has skyrocketed due to several reasons: their ability to protect your property from overflowing water. While there are certainly many valid reasons not to install screens on your roof, here are the best five:

Gutter Guard Screen AdelaideNo-gutter guard screens do not live up to the claims and the expectations made by the manufacturers of the gutter guard screen Adelaide. Not only that, they often clog up more quickly than you’d expect them to as well. This results in an overflow of leaves and other debris, resulting in mould, mildew, cracks and even rotting.

The next problem with no-clogging gutters is that they allow leaves and debris to build up against your channels’ sides and bottom. This causes the overflow of leaves and debris to block your gutters from flowing cleanly and efficiently, causing damage to your home’s siding and foundation. The addition of leaves and debris can also weaken the flashing around the house, increasing the fire outbreak.

The final problem with the non-clogging gutter guard screen Adelaide is that the mesh itself is not strong enough to hold the weight of the debris that collects on it. This leads to a sagging, hanging and weak looking guard over time. The creation of cross members is supposed to solve this problem, but these members are too small to be effective. Most experts say that the invention of the snap-in cross members is nothing more than another gimmick designed to increase company profits.

Instead of adding aluminium cross members, companies better install a reliable, heavy-duty gutter guard screen Adelaide is made of galvanized steel that will securely and adequately hold the weight of the accumulated debris. Not only does this add an effective solution to the problem of overflowing gutters, but it also provides homeowners with a durable lock-on design. Snap-in cross members are generally made using aluminium that would make them extremely rust proof.

Amerimax gutter guards are available in several different configurations. The best way to decide which Amerimax guard comes with the best technology and lifetime guarantee is to review all of the other product offerings available. All guard systems come with a lifetime warranty and are designed to keep out debris without using a click-on system. For consumers who value the protection of their gutters, this long-term guarantee is a huge advantage. Click-on systems are more costly than locking gutter guard systems, but the lock-on design guarantees that the gutter will be completely safe.