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How to Choose Kids Shoes For Toddlers

The first step in choosing a kids shoe is to find out the correct size. There are a few ways to determine the right size for your child. One option is to measure your child’s foot width. If you do not have a tape measure, you can measure your child’s foot by tying a shoelace or ribbon around the heel.

Size chart

kids shoes for toddlersIt’s essential to buy the right size for your kids shoes for toddlers. The wrong size can hinder your child’s ability to play and walk comfortably. Luckily, size charts for kids’ shoes can help you find the right fit. The charts can be found online to determine a child’s shoe size in the comfort of your home. You can even print out a chart and trace your child’s foot onto it to determine their size.

Measuring your child’s foot size before buying any new shoes is essential. A simple technique can prevent blisters and ensure your child gets the right fit.


Choosing the right size of toddler shoes can be a challenging process. The first step is to measure the child’s feet. It will allow you to purchase the appropriate size. Once you have the correct measurements, you can select the style and fit of the child’s shoe. If the child’s feet are not proportionate to the shoe size, you should consider buying smaller sizes.

Toddlers overgrow, so purchasing a half-size larger than your child’s actual measurements is a good idea. Most brands offer half sizes and will fit a toddler in between.


To find the correct width for your kids shoes for toddlers:

  1. Start by measuring the width of their foot. Then, you can use a width ruler or a shoelace.
  2. Wrap the lace around the widest part of the foot and mark it.
  3. Untie the lace and measure the distance from this mark to the other end. You can also use a size gauge, which you can buy online or at some shoe retailers.

Wider feet will tend to cramp against the sides and front of a shoe, resulting in foot problems. Choosing the correct width of shoes is just as important as finding the right length. There are shoe companies that make shoes in varying widths for toddlers.


The first step in measuring the length of a toddler’s shoes is their foot width. A width ruler is a helpful tool that can be used to measure the width of a child’s foot. The width can vary from child to child depending on the shoe and foot shape. For example, some children have very high insteps while others have a wide width across the toe joint.

The length of a toddler’s shoe should be about an index finger wide. You can also test the shoes to see how comfortable they are by putting your child’s thumb between the end of the shoe and its longest toe. It’s also a good idea to let your child try on shoes so they can give input on the style and colour. When buying shoes for toddlers, always buy one size larger than your child’s actual foot size.


There are many brands of kids shoes for toddlers available. There are also a variety of styles to choose from. Many of them are gender neutral, and they have features that will appeal to both boys and girls. Some are made of leather or other durable materials. Some feature removable insoles. You can also try a size quiz to determine what size will fit your child best.

Some brands have different styles for each foot type. For example, a brand might have different shoes for walking, running, or playing sports. While some brands focus on specific activities, others offer several types of kids shoes for various occasions. An excellent general brand is Plae, which is versatile and makes shoes for most types of feet.


The price of kids’ shoes is soaring. The consumer price index shows that children’s shoes are growing at double the rate of their adult counterparts, and the rise is faster than the overall inflation rate. Overall inflation reached a four-decade high last month. According to economist Mark Cohen, many factors contribute to the increase in prices. One of those factors is that children’s shoes can quickly wear out. Moreover, many manufacturers source their materials from overseas.

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