How to Shop for a New Pair of Toddler’s Shoes

Fit, form and function are what the ideal shoes for toddlers must feature and not just all about fashion. Thus, when buying girls and Boys Shoes, it is crucial to apply some rules that could help you pick the right one. With plenty of available footwear options for toddlers, you will find one that will also fit your budget.

In finding the best toddler footwear, you should keep these following tips in mind:

  1. Take the exact measurements.

Before buying toddler shoes, have both of your little one’s feet measured first. Thus, visit a store that specialises in children’s shoes or with a separate kids’ department. Also, you need to aim the larger size in case there is a big difference between feet. Take note that toddler’s feet may vary by as much as half size. Plus, you should re-measure your child’s feet every two or three months as their feet tend to grow quickly.

  1. Ensure to bring socks with you.

Your child should wear the same type of socks he will likely wear when he tries on the shoe you wish to buy. No doubt, you will get the fit just right with the added help from the socks.

  1. Use your thumb.

To ensure that your toddler’s big toe isn’t hutting or bumping against the shoe’s insides, use your thumb and stick it out. Keep in mind that the best shoes for toddlers allow for a thumb’s width. Between his toe and the tip of the shoe, it should have at least half an inch space.

  1. If you find a shoe that fits, buy that exact size.

Never get tempted to purchase larger shoe sizes when buying toddler shoes. Most parents tend to buy larger sizes to save money. Never put your child’s safety at risk by letting them wear wrongly fitted shoes. Too big shoes could be unsafe and hard to walk in. It may cause tripping or worst injured your loved one.

  1. Focus on comfort, not the latest trends.

For toddlers who are still learning to walk, pointy boots, clogs and other high-fashion footwear aren’t the best girls and Boys Shoes even if it is too adorable. Your toddlers need support and stability, and sadly, those shoes can’t provide those.

  1. You should be picky about the material.

Instead of rubber or plastic, look for a shoe made of leather or canvas as it is porous, more breathable and exceptionally flexible. Without exerting much effort, you should be able to bend a toddler’s shoe in your hand.

It is always best that you become too picky and meticulous when it comes to purchasing shoes for your toddler. Browse this website to see more about the options you have online.