How to Buy the Perfect Shoes for Your Pre-Schooler

It should not be hard for you to choose the right shoes for your pre-schooler. Buying Kids sandals & shoes Perth may seem like a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming number of options available in the market. However, you will successfully pick the right one if right from the beginning, you know what you are looking for and what fits best.


So that the job of finding the best shoes for your toddlers becomes much easier, we will impart in this article, some essential tips. Following these tips will not only save you a headache now but will protect your child from trips and falls in the future as well.


Keep in mind that not all children’s shoes available in the market today are created equal. Since your kid’s feet are still rapidly growing and their gait is still developing, you must ensure that you are choosing the right shoes for pre-schoolers. If you don’t want your child to experience regrettable consequences later on in life, stop them from wearing the wrong shoes.


  1. Focus on the Material


Shoe material is the first factor you must consider. A thing that plays an essential factor in this is your child’s age. Toddlers need shoes that are not only lightweight but flexible as well. While for more comfortable walkers, shoes with grip are ideal. Shoes that are sturdy yet flexible are what pre-schoolers need. A shoe that you can easily fold in half or twist the toe is what you must choose.


When shopping for shoes for your toddler, avoid picking the backless ones or slip-on. If you want shoes that secure their feet, opt for laces, Velcro or other fasteners. Instead of keeping the shoes on their feet, this way will allow your child to focus more on learning or becoming comfortable with walking. Keep in mind that the toddler’s feet muscles will fail to do their work if you let them wear too stiff shoes. You must provide them with protective footwear that is still flexible.


  1. Size Issues


Shoes that are a little bit big to your kid’s feet can be very tempting to purchase. It is because their feet tend to grow rapidly.  Although there’s nothing wrong with not overspending on Kids sandals & shoes Perth, too big shoes can make learning how to walk much tricky. Not to mention that it may pose a considerable risk to your child.


Shoes that are not too tight are the best fitting footwear for your pre-schooler. You must also check if there is about half an inch space between the tip of the shoe and the edge of your child’s toes.

Moreover, you can also ask your child which shoes they prefer wearing if you feel like your child is old enough. But make sure first that the footwear they choose meets all of those necessary criteria. By letting them choose, you are making their shoe shopping experience much more fun.