What Will It Take to Get a Driver’s Licence in Victoria?

If you are interested in obtaining a driver’s licence, make sure you get informed about the latest changes to VicRoads Driver Licensing Policies. In this article, we will discuss these changes and give you some additional information to make your search for a new driver’s licence a little bit easier.

The minimum age at which you can obtain a driver’s licence in Victoria is now 16 years and 9 months, as a result of a recent change brought into force by VicRoads. Before this time, applicants had to wait for one year after reaching their 16th birthday before they were allowed to take their learner’s permit test and finally attempt to gain their driver’s licences.

The age for obtaining a driver’s licence was previously set at 18 years and nine months, so it is apparent that the licensing board decided to lower this amount of time by three months. As a result, applicants can now apply for their learner’s permit once they turn 15 and a half, and they will be able to attempt their driving test when they reach their 16th birthday.

In addition to this change, VicRoads has also decided to change the application process for a driver’s licence in Victoria. To gain a driver’s licence from any of the Motor Car Registry Offices in Victoria, you must now provide proof that you have lived in the state for at least six months before you can apply for a licence.

This policy has been implemented to prevent the flooding of Licensing Offices with interstate and overseas applicants, which would lead to long waiting times and even longer queues in these offices. The policy requires that all applicants who wish to gain an Australian driver’s licence must provide evidence they have resided in Victoria for a set period.

This measure will also lower the number of interstate and overseas applicants coming to Victoria, which will lead to a much smoother licensing process overall. Some other changes have been implemented as well, such as those regarding how much experience you must gain at driving with your learner’s permit before you can attempt the driver’s test.

Learner drivers need to gain 50 hours of experience to attempt the test, which was previously 70 hours. This means that VicRoads has lowered the total number of required practice hours for obtaining a probationary licence.

VicRoads decided to lower this amount after consulting with various stakeholders involved in the licensing process, including driving instructors.

The learners practice test in VIC to obtain a driver’s licence in Victoria is also expected to become easier for applicants, as VicRoads introduced some policy changes that will make this test more challenging. For example, applicants are now required to gain at least 63% on their first Licensing Test attempts.

This means that applicants who wish to gain a driver’s licence will have to study for their driver exam and spend a bit more time on the road while observing other drivers and learning how to operate their cars.

Several other changes have been implemented by the state’s licensing board, including stricter policies for checking whether applicants are medically fit for driving.

All in all, it is highly recommended you apply for your driver’s licence in Victoria before the end of this year if you are currently residing in this state.