Men’s Casual Shoes Guide

With Fall coming up very soon, it is also about the time you think about your Autumn wardrobe. So, say goodbye to those boaters, as now I am covering the top 10 mens casual shoes for Autumn. So, here’s my thought on men’s casual shoes for Autumn; men’s are different than women’s in many ways; that is why men’s casual shoes are not just made for walking; they are made to be worn outside and around town, or just for lounging around. So, to make sure you will have something to hit the streets or just lounge about in, I suggest you go for something stylish and good looking but made out of comfort and durability.

Now, when talking about mens casual shoes, I would first like to discuss the basics. Black dress sneakers, brogues, dress sandals or even loafers are all viable options. Of course, loafers are classic and very classic; they are the shoe that practically every man has owned at one point in his life. They can be paired with everything from a pair of jeans, an Oxford shirt, dress trousers, and a nice pair of slacks to a nice t-shirt and a nice jumper. The leather will always look good, the comfort will never be an issue, and if you want to wear something flirty, a black dress shoe is just what you need.

In the range of men’s casual shoes, we come across boots quite a bit. Men’s boots are no doubt a very important part of any wardrobe. There are so many options to choose from. Plain black boots, an ankle boot or perhaps some fashionable boots are all viable options. And there are more boots made for winter, such as slip-on boots or moccasins, which are extremely versatile, comfortable, and trendy.

mens casual shoesBlack dress shoes and even white sneakers are all great options, especially if you opt for the more classic brogues, then the Chelsea boot or the Le Pliage. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little edgier, then skinny jeans might be what you’re looking for. The most popular type of men’s shoe nowadays are sneakers, especially sneaker or basketball sneakers, but brogues have managed to survive and continue to be a constant in men’s fashion, and they are always coming back with a new style and a new colour.

Casual mens casual shoes are a very broad category and include quite a few different types of shoes, including dress sneakers, casual shoes, trainers and even bridal shoes. Dress sneakers are casual men’s footwear made for wearing daily or while going to dinner and are usually worn with a t-shirt and jeans. In addition, this category includes leggings, loafers, sandals, and bluchers. Casual shoes tend to be made of leather, suede, canvas, or some other fabric and can be found in many different shades, textures, and colours. Dress shoes are generally made of the same materials as dress sneakers, except they will typically be stitched in white or a brighter shade of colour.

Commonly seen in black, white, and grey, the monk strap is a classic favourite among men of all ages. Unfortunately, the monk strap is a style that is very hard to keep up with, having originated in the 1920s. These shoes are made by attaching a thick leather strap to the side of the shoe, with the rest of the shoe left in a closed lace. Originally, the monk strap had a wooden or metal hook attached to one side of the shoe, but now it is just a simple rubber hook on the side of the shoe that allows the laces to go through. This style’s popularity has led to many imitations being created, but there is still a lot of demand for these classic leather boots and brogues.