A Quality Pergola Deserves to Be Graced with a Beautiful Climbing Plant

There are so many varieties of climbing plants that can be guided through a pergola’s rafters and get some welcome shade in sunny weather. With your help, we have listed some of the best pergola plants. This list is a combination of tropical and temperate vines.


Here are some of the best pergola plants we would recommend for your quality pergola in Adelaide:


  1. Rose


The roses are classic. These are the favourite plants of most gardeners because they give the impression of being special. They evoke feelings of tranquillity, happiness, nostalgia, and romance. Climbing varieties are ideal for covering a pergola and arches.


  1. Clematis


Without a doubt, one of the best pergola plants. Clematis is a spectacular vine because it blooms abundantly, usually in the spring. It can be quickly grown and combined with other plants, especially climbing roses for a more exquisite view.


  1. Honeysuckle


The scent of honeysuckle flowers is nostalgic and multiplies at sunset. It can get massive as they grow quite fast – a single honeysuckle plant can easily cover a large, sturdy pergola.


  1. Passionflower (Passiflora)


Passionflower is a beautiful and resistant perennial in the tropics. The scent of ambushes, colourful flowers and edible fruits make it one of the most popular climbing plants in your garden. Cultivating passion flowers is easy if you live in a subtropical or tropical climate). If you live in the temperate region, look for cold-resistant cultivars. In a freezing environment, it can be grown for about a year.


  1. Jasmine


Jasmine is undoubtedly the most intense flower. Its scent can be felt from afar. So, if you like fragrant plants, grow them. In hot and humid climates, jasmine flowers all year round.


  1. 6. Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans)


Because of its trumpet-shaped flowers, it is called a trumpet clothesline. Each of the flowers of the trumpet vine can appear in different colours (orange, yellow or red). The flowers attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. It grows best in full sun outdoors.


  1. 7. Bougainvillea



Climbing varieties of bougainvillea are suitable for pergolas. This plant likes sunny positions and does not like wet feet. The most cultivated colours are pink, red, yellow and purple, but it also exists in many other colours.


  1. 8. Kiwi


A kiwi vine requires a lot of space to grow, which makes it an ideal plant for your Quality Pergola in Adelaide. You can enjoy its delicious fruit at the same time!


These are but a few favourites that you can grow yourself to grace your pergola. If you don’t have a quality pergola in Adelaide, it’s time to get one and enjoy a fantastic addition to your garden.