Losing a TV Signal: A Look at the Usual Suspects

When you are using a TV antenna to watch free entertainment on your TV, you probably experience losing a signal from time to time, or perhaps you have been dealing with a deterioration of the quality of the reception or the audio and picture. Not receiving a TV signal though, is something that you can address quickly, especially if you call in an expert or professional repair and replacement Melbourne Company. But before you request one, it is crucial that you first understand the cause or source of the problem. Thankfully, all you must do is read this article.


1 – It could be the weather.


Regardless of the type of antenna you are using, the reality is its ability to capture signals and convert them into excellent TV reception can quickly get affected by the change in weather, especially in extreme circumstances. Signal disruption even affects modern satellite TVs and digital antennas. Since you are no expert in antenna installation, it means you must have someone to call whenever there is weather disruption.


2 – Poor positioning and set-up can make you lose your TV signal.


Antennas are also prone to losing signal merely because of poor positioning and installation. A likely culprit is a do-it-yourself approach. Some people think that installing a TV antenna is a job they can perform by merely watching YouTube videos. Nonetheless, there is a lot of complexity involved in figuring out the right positioning. It is, therefore, best to call an expert in repair and replacement Melbourne of your antenna to correct a previous installation mistake.


3 – Your antenna is broken or malfunctioning.


Another possible cause of losing a TV signal is when your antenna is broken or malfunctioning. In this scenario, it probably is best to have it replaced. If you are not sure if the antenna needs replacement, then you might as well seek the assistance of an expert to figure it out for you. Keep in mind that a malfunctioning antenna may no longer be qualified for repair and purchasing a new one could be the only solution left. Only this time, you should the experts do the installation.



4 – Your TV is the problem.


Finally, do not count out the possibility that the problem might be your TV. There are instances in which the TV has an internal problem that causes it to fail to receive the signal from the antenna. It is not about service interruption because with an antenna; you do not subscribe to any monthly cable or streaming service. You get free channels right after a successful installation.


Even with new and modern ways to enjoy TV entertainment these days, many people still choose to install an antenna since it won’t cost them anything right after the purchase and installation. But if you lose a signal, you might want to invest in a professional service for repair and replacement.