What You Need to Know About Building Retaining Walls in Adelaide

Building retaining walls are not all that different from other conventional masonry construction, and the process remains the same. Only there are several differences in the end product. Learn more at Outscape Constructions now

Firstly, you need to decide on how much of the wall to construct and what direction to lay it. This is going to be determined by the size of the property, soil conditions and other factors. It is best to discuss these issues with a professional so they can assess the impact of your decisions.

Retaining Walls AdelaideOnce the size and direction are decided, you then need to determine where the wall is going to go. The best candidates for the job are flat land, near the front of a house, or areas that get good rainfall. Your Outscape Constructions contractor will be able to advise you about where the ideal location depends on the size of the wall you need to build.

Once the size and direction are settled, you need to start putting in the concrete to form the wall. Concrete is a better choice than masonry when you’re looking for a long-lasting solution. Concrete is also less likely to be damaged by animals and nature and has more flexibility in terms of colour and design.

Once the concrete is poured, you’ll need to connect the wall to its foundation. This could be done by using two types of retaining wall: a row of walls set across the base of the wall and a series of walls set higher up on the property. The former is particularly suited to properties near water bodies and steeper slopes; the latter is best suited to properties with low slopes and smooth ground.

Building retaining walls Adelaide can also be done using precast concrete panels. In this case, the panels are erected around the perimeter of the wall or base of the wall. This is an extremely cost-effective way to build retaining walls in Adelaide.

The panels that are used here are made from an innovative plastic called Polystyrene (PS), and they can withstand heavy loads without cracking or splitting. They are resistant to a wide range of soil conditions and require virtually no maintenance to remain sound and provide you with years of trouble-free service.

If you decide to use polystyrene panels to build your retaining walls in Adelaide, then you must ensure that you get your materials from a reliable source. For a wall to last long, you need to make sure you’re using quality panels. The same goes for the concrete that you use: make sure it’s of a quality that will last. Get started on your retaining walls project now! Call Outscape Constructions today.