Smile_Addiction Teeth Whitening – How Do You Whiten Teeth?

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is a method of lightening the colour of teeth by removing discolouration from the enamel. Many individuals wish to have whiter teeth whitening is one of the methods used to achieve this end. Smile_Addiction teeth whitening is generally desired as discoloured teeth become yellowing over time due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes people desire whiter teeth and other times for cosmetic reasons. Whichever the case, tooth whitening is an effective method that can lighten the overall appearance of teeth.

Smile_Addiction Teeth WhiteningWhitening teeth is accomplished by either the internal or external whitening process. The inner process is the most commonly used procedure for Smile_Addiction teeth whitening and involves either a laser device or bleaching gel being inserted into the mouth. The treated area is covered with a thin layer of enamel. The bleaching agent is then passed over the affected area and whitened, the bleaching agent is generally a chemical like hydrogen peroxide or some bleaching agent. The effect of this type of bleaching on the teeth can last up to one year, although this varies significantly by individual, and also by the area in which you are attempting to whiten your teeth.

Bleaching enamel can be performed either internally or externally. Internal bleaching uses a bleaching agent such as peroxide, while external bleaching methods use other chemical agents such as hydrogen peroxide. The reason that there are many different types of bleaching agents being used to whiten teeth is due to the fact that the teeth can become stained due to many things. Foods that stain the teeth, smoking and drinking coffee can stain the enamel and result in discolouration, and the bleaching agents can be used to help remove the stains from the teeth.

The process of bleaching the teeth is accomplished by applying the bleaching agent to the teeth and working it in. These causes the teeth to become lighter than they originally are, in some cases, the effect can be immediate while other times, the effects will be felt over a period of time. The whitening effect of bleaches will depend upon the individual situation that they find themselves in. Some people can see the results immediately, while others may take more time to see the benefits of this treatment.

Smile_Addiction teeth whitening is not the only solution that can be used to lighten the colour and appearance of teeth, and it is only one of several options that are available to brighten teeth and help them remain healthy. However, the bleaching treatment should not be the only option that is used when teeth are discoloured, and the bleaching agent does not work correctly or when used alone.

Toothpaste can be used along with tooth bleaches, which are generally less costly than laser treatment, however many prefer to use the bleaches to get the same result. The toothpastes do not cause the same effects that a bleaching agent does, and there is less chance for damage to the enamel of the teeth and the mouth, but they are far more affordable, are safe, and will last longer than an hour with regular usage.