Types of Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein treatments come in many forms. You can purchase compression stockings from most local pharmacies and many major medical supply shops. More prescription-strength stockings are available and probably covered by insurance even if your varicose vein problems are causing major symptoms like pain or swelling. Many people choose to get their own varicose vein treatment Adelaide.

One type of varicose vein treatment is called transcutaneous lymph drainage or TLL. The TLL procedure involves removing unwanted fluid from the legs. Your doctor will place a catheter into one of your legs and then insert a laser into the other. The laser is designed to break up the fluids, allowing them to drain into a collection bag. The fluid is drained, and you will need several treatments over several months to completely remove the fluid buildup.

Another common varicose vein treatment Adelaide is called sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy uses an injectable solution that is injected directly into the veins. The solution causes the veins to swell, forcing the fluids out into the collection bag. This procedure may cause bruising, swelling, and pain; however, the symptoms should subside after several injections. Sclerotherapy may require repeat treatments at intervals, or continuous treatments over the course of several months to achieve optimal results. Browse this website.

Surgical clipping of varicose vein is performed to relieve symptoms. If large varicose veins are causing serious symptoms, the surgeon may perform a microdiscectomy or a laminectomy. A microdiscectomy is done to remove only a small portion of the Vein, relieving the leg swelling and allowing it to heal.

varicose-vein-treatment-adelaideLaser treatment options also exist for varicose vein treatment. Lasers have revolutionized how treatment options are presented to patients. Lasers are used to treat various skin conditions including sun spots, acne scars and stretch marks. During a laser treatment, light is shone onto the affected skin area. The laser then burns away the top layers of skin, exposing healthier skin underneath.

VNUS closure improvement through vein wall decompression is another alternative to traditional varicose vein treatment. In this procedure, an inflatable ring is placed on top of the offending veins, tightening the veins to the surrounding skin. Vein wall decompression is performed with one or two sessions, depending on the patient’s condition. The compression keeps the blood from pooling in the legs, which causes varicose veins to appear to bulge. This treatment option may cause mild to moderate leg pain. Most patients return to work and day to day activities soon after the procedure.